“Winter’s Bone” Review

January 12, 2013 |  by  |  movies, reviews

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Ree, a young Ozark mountain woman who is forced to deal with horrid neighbors and bitter family friends as she attempts to track down her drug-dealing father.  Coupled with mounting debts and two small mouths to feed, Ree finds herself dealing with the harshest aspects of life at an all too early age.

“Winter’s Bone” is as bleak as its title would suggest.  There isn’t an ounce of happiness on display here.  It is a rough examination of a backward and uneducated society, desperately clinging to some sort of skewed moral code.  Ree and her two young siblings are the only beacons of hope in a sea of despair.  And if I make the film sound depressing… so be it.

That being said… This is a very worth effort due in no small part to the wonderful lead performance by Lawrence.  She is relentlessly determined and fiercely driven throughout the story.  I cannot think of a more precisely focused turn, male or female, from 2010.  She is unquestionably the reason to see the movie.  However, the film is absolutely a “one-time-watch”.  It is much too raw and unforgiving for multiple viewings.

THREE STARS Winters Bone Review

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