The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015…

December 27, 2015 |  by  |  beauty, celebrities, faces, opinion


Full written list with HQ photos coming very soon!!!


  1. .I love it. my idol is at top 6. congratulations to LIZA SOBERANO.

  2. .its ok. atleast my favorite actress is there!!!! LIZA SOBERANO!!!

  3. Philippine’s Pride

    Liza Soberano – 6th placer
    Kathryn Bernardo – 80th placer

  4. Neight Ruffy Semic Gamez

    Include also:
    Maine Mendoza(girls)
    Alden Richards (boys)

  5. I Recomend Maine Mendoza,Sure people says she is not that pretty or even attractive and I know you wont listen to my opinion or anybody’s opinion but she is pretty in different ways she has a little bit of Coleen Garcia,Julia Montes and a Little bit of Anne Curtis and the fact that stylist and photographers love her is just amazing anf the fact that she uses False Eyelashes only on NEVER ONCE.And She is an Incredible Woman to the bashers out there bash me if you will cause its my opinion hopefully your opinion changes like me couple of months ago.

    P.S.She has 22 suitors and counting

  6. WhitePeopleRule!

    Clearly the people making this list have an Asian fetish or are Koreaboos considering how many of them are Koreans. They probably knew all the K-poop fans would have an orgasm, just look at the comments section.

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