“Big Fan” Review

January 10, 2013 |  by  |  movies, reviews

Patton Oswalt, best known for his comedic role as the consummate loser on “King of Queens”, delivers a truly wonderful performance in this darkly observant drama about a NY Giants fan who is assaulted by his linebacker hero in a strip club.

This film is a fantastic character study that feels absolutely authentic in every way.  It is a sad movie.  After all, this is a character with no discernable life of any kind.  He lives with his mother… He is obsessed with calling in to sports radio shows… He has only one friend… He is dirt poor… He is a parking garage attendant.  All he has is a compulsive love of his favorite team and the wins and losses he agonizes over every Sunday.

“Big Fan” is a small independent film that is definitely worth seeking out on DVD.  It showcases some very good performances and features a brutally honest peek into a sad lonely life.

THREE STARS Big Fan Review

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