“Baise-Moi” Review

January 10, 2013 |  by  |  movies, reviews

Roger Ebert said of this film…”It alternates between graphic, explicit sex scenes and murder scenes of brutal cruelty. You recoil from what’s on the screen. Later, you ask what the filmmakers had in mind. They are French, and so we know some kind of ideology and rationalization must lurk beneath the blood and semen.”

Two girls, a rape victim and a prostitute, both sick of their lives, rampage through the French countryside killing virtually everyone they see. They feed their sex drive regularly and then kill those men too. They form a strange bond and aimlessly head for a day when it will all end.

You might love it if you liked “Natural Born Killers”, “Thelma & Louise”, “American Psycho”, “Romance”.

Amazingly this film was directed by a woman. Maybe only a woman could have directed this… a male director would have been labeled an exploitative pig. Even die hard art-house movie goers will be quite shocked by this vicious film. I am not sure what the point was… perhaps it was a way of reversing the tide by placing two women at the head of a bloody and sexual killing spree, a position typically portrayed in films by men. Maybe this was just an experiment in filmmaking… how far can one go without being labeled as pornography? I am not sure what the point was. But I could not help but be emotionally jolted by the anger spewed on to the screen… it was real anger! The actresses, although typically adult film stars, were actually quite terrifying and powerful as the rampant ‘Bonnie & Bonnie’. This film has a strange raw power… and for that I give it some praise. But because it was so unclear as to what that power was intended for… I must give it the in-between rating of ‘C’. BE WARNED THOUGH… 98% of all viewers, and there won’t be many of you, will absolutely hate this film and may not make it through the relatively short 77 minute running time.

“Baise Moi” is a combination of ‘Natural Born Killers,’ ‘Thelma & Louise’ and ‘low budget porn’. This film will make most causal moviegoers gag with shock.


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