The “Independent Critics” List…. 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2012

TC Candler presents The 23rd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces 2012, which has been published in various formats every year since 1990… and in recent years has been seen by over 30 million unique visitors from around the world.

Music provided by singer/songwriter Jack G. Wilson.  His song “Serendipity”, which can be heard at the beginning of the video, can be downloaded for a limited time by CLICKING HERE!

Unlike many other annual publications, The Independent Critics Beautiful Faces List is not a popularity contest. It is not about the sexiest or the most famous. Rather, it aims to be a very international list and one that is inclusive of many cultures, lifestyles, professions and degrees of fame. The Independent Critics List intends to inform public opinion rather than reflect it. This list searches far and wide, listening to the millions of suggestions submitted every year, and tries to put together a list representative of the modern ideal of beauty. Aesthetic perfection is only one of the criteria. Grace, elegance, class, poise, joy, promise, hope… they are all embodied in a beautiful face.

Over 25 countries are represented on the 2012 beautiful faces list. That number seems to go up every year as the list grows and expands. Feel free to comment below with your suggestions or opinions. Originality is most welcome! For example, as much as you may like her, there is really no need to mention Angelina Jolie (who was on the list from 1999 to 2003). Of course, lists are very subjective… you will disagree with some of the choices, but perhaps you will find a new favorite. Every year, this list is populated by some legendary beauties who never seem to fade, but it is also replenished with the freshest and most promising talent from around the world. A mix of new and nostalgia… as Don Draper (Mad Men) once conveyed, “one creates an itch, the other creates a bond.”

The 2012 Most Beautiful Faces List…

100  -  Scarlett Johansson
99  -  Barbara Meier
98  -  Danielle Campbell
97  -  Carmen Ejogo
96  -  Doutzen Kroes
95  -  Jessica Chastain
94  -  Gianna Jun
93  -  Krysten Ritter
92  -  Maite Perroni
91  -  Sophia Bush
90  -  Alessandra Mastronardi
89  -  Barbie Hsu
88  -  Melanie Laurent
87  -  Sanaa Lathan
86  -  Katharine McPhee
85  -  Gabriela Marcinkova
84  -  Ludivine Sagnier
83  -  Lena Katina
82  -  Xun Zhou
81  -  Frida Gustavsson
80  -  Jenny Skavlan
79  -  Renee Olstead
78  -  Ariana Grande
77  -  Elizabeth Loaiza
76  -  Leighton Meester
75  -  Natalie Tran
74  -  Zsuzsanna Jakabos
73  -  Priyanka Chopra
72  -  Rose Byrne
71  -  Candice Swanepoel
70  -  Kelly Rowland
69  -  Cintia Dicker
68  -  Whitney Able
67  -  Go Ara
66  -  Kaya Scodelario
65  -  Kate Winslet
64  -  Juno Temple
63  -  Monica Bellucci
62  -  Freida Pinto
61  -  Giusy Buscemi
60  -  Stana Katic
59  -  Rachel Weisz
58  -  Nam Gyu-Ri
57  -  Blake Lively
56  -  Karen Gillan
55  -  Meagan Good
54  -  Meisa Kuroki
53  -  Emma Roberts
52  -  Sarah Gadon
51  -  Elizabeth Olsen
50  -  Im Yoona
49  -  Nicola Roberts
48  -  Gina Carano
47  -  Gaite Jansen
46  -  Yuliya Snigir
45  -  Louise Bourgoin
44  -  Dada Chan
43  -  Keira Knightley
42  -  Kim Taeyeon
41  -  Edita Vilkeviciute
40  -  Amanda Seyfried
39  -  Shannon Kane
38  -  Lena Gercke
37  -  Felicity Jones
36  -  Imogen Poots
35  -  Christina Hendricks
34  -  Elsa Pataki
33  -  Song Hye Kyo
32  -  Carice Van Houten
31  -  India Eisley
30  -  Natalie Portman
29  -  Olivia Wilde
28  -  Kate Beckinsale
27  -  Selena Gomez
26  -  Alison Brie
25  -  Nozomi Sasaki
24  -  Kylie Bunbury
23  -  Emma Stone
22  -  Zhu Zhu
21  -  Emily Browning
20  -  Mila Kunis
19  -  IU
18  -  Jennifer Lawrence
17  -  Carey Mulligan
16  -  Amber Heard
15  -  Tamsin Egerton
14  -  Rihanna
13  -  Kate Upton
12  -  Mirei Kiritani
11  -  Lily Collins
10  -  Lana Del Rey
9  -  Camilla Belle
8  -  Kerry Washington
6  -  Jessica Brown Findlay
5  -  Jessica Jung
4  -  Chloe Moretz
3  -  Alexandra Daddario
2  -  Marion Cotillard
1  -  Emilia Clarke



  1. Scarlett Johansson

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  3. I think Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes are being underestimated in their beauty. they’re so much more beautiful

    Behati Prinsloo
    Adriana Lima
    Chanel Iman
    Barbara Palvin
    Miranda Kerr

    They;re not included :(

  4. A pretty good list all in all. IU, Emma Watson, Barbie Hsu! ^.^
    Emilia Clark from Game of Thrones definitely deserves first place

  5. For FILIPINAS, irecommend ::
    Angel Locsin
    Marian Rivera
    Julia Montes
    Julia Barreto
    Kathryn Bernardo
    Kim Chui
    Iya Villania
    Carmina Villaroel
    Anne Curtis
    Jennylyn Mercado
    KC Concepcion
    Angel Aquino
    … and I bet, you’d see more faces.. :)

    For Thai, i recommend:
    Baifern or Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul

    :) :)

  6. Why don’t you try to look up for Filipinos. They have such beautiful and wonderful faces. :) Also, for Indians and Thais … since this is INTERNATIONAL, then widen more the looking up for these beautiful faces. :)

  7. Why is Zac Efron wasn’t include for 2013 most handsome face? I think he’s gorgeous enough to be include in the list..I recommend him for 2014..please^^

  8. Marian Rivera (Philippines)-Vietnam’s most favorite foreign actress and FHM Thailand cover for 2014..

  9. why kwon yuri is not in the list of 2013????

  10. 1. Im Yoona
    2. Jessica Jung
    3. Han Ga In
    4. Eugene Kim
    5. Han Chae Young
    6. Yonn Eun Hye
    7. Sandara Park
    8. Tiffany Hwang
    9. Miranda Kerr×2-940×627.jpg
    10. Jessica Alba
    11. Kristen Stewart
    12. Katy Perry
    12. Dian Sastro
    13. Jessica Iskandar
    14. Pevita Pearce

  11. From South Korean => Jessica Jung!!!! #1 #1 #1 #1 #1
    Stephanie Hwang
    Kim Taeyeon
    Im Yoona
    Bae Suzy
    Park Jiyeon
    Jung Krystal
    Choi Sulli

    Don’t Agree? I don’t Care. Cause it’s Just my Opinion

  12. my first reply got deleted. very upsetting.
    I guess this site has something against Chinese beauties.
    Only Zhou Xun from year of 2012? Thats very upsetting.
    Many Chinese actresses are real stunners.

    -Zhang ZiYi(Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon,Memoirs of a Geisha,etc)
    -Zhao Wei(Pearl Princess, Painted Skin, etc)
    -Zhang Zilin (Miss World 2007; first of east Asian represent)
    -Jiang qinqin/Shui Ling (many films/dramas,now retired for family)
    -Li Bingbing ( some Hollywood productions/ Ada Wong/ still stunning for her 40s)
    -Sun Li/Betty Sun (Expresses in the Palace/Hot Mom/ amazing acting skills for such beauty, ideal package for highly praised actresses)
    -Yang Mi (drop-dead gorgeous/ mediocre acting skills but still beautiful as hell)
    - Angelababy/Yang Ying(gorgeous 3/4chinese 1/4german HK model)
    - Victoria Qian Song (K-pop group f(x) leader/GORGEOUSSMILE)
    -Fan Bingbing (amazing actress/ beauty /fashion taste — cannes festival appearances, etc.)
    - Kristin Kreuk (mixed and Canadian(ohyeahhh(: haha)
    - Eva Longoria (Desparate Housewives, desperately beautiful)
    - Emma Watson (How could Hermione be missing in the 2012 list? i mean come on.)
    - Zhang Meng (Baby faced beauty, this one.)
    - Moon Geun Young (really good actress)
    - Han Hye Jin (Really pretty this one. sweetlooking)

  13. When is the new list coming out?

  14. For God sake!! Where is Milla Jovovich? And what is Candice Swanepoel doing in 71st?

  15. Naeun Son*** (A Pink)
    Sulli Choi*** (fx)
    Victoria Song (fx)

    From Korea!!!

  16. I prefer Kristine hermosa and Maria Rivera from philippine these girls are so beautiful,like Kristine who is the most beautiful local showbiz and maria who got in the lists of most beautiful international women.than i can recommend the likes of Genelia d souza and katrina kaif from India,Suzy,Yoona,Iu,ham eunjung from korea,kim chiu,julia montes,kathryn bernardo,and sarah gemimo from phillippines Emma watson Keira knigtley from England,Angeline jolie,jessica alba ,meagan good,vanessa hudgens from America and Omotola jalade,Genevieve Nnaji,Nadia buari,Ini edo,jackie appiahand juliet ibrahim from Africa

  17. This is one of Malaysian beauty…

    1) Shila Amzah

    2) Neelofa

    3) Adira

    4) Juliana Evans

    5) Siti Nurhaliza

    6) Hannah Tan

    7) Wawa Zainal

    8) Rozita Che Wan

    9) Deborah Priya Henry

    10) Siti Saleha

    11) Lisa Surihani

    12) Nur Fazura

    13) Nora Danish–6ZyWVFDq3w/UbM7os_k0kI/AAAAAAAAD_M/y0pOCN7iNiY/s1600/580406_10151490520591647_1909195542_n.jpg

    14) Diana Danielle

    15) Maya Karin


  18. I just can’t take this list seriously at all.
    How did Jennifer Lawrence’s face gets 18th place when it looks like a bloated pancake?

  19. Hope IU stays on the list this year! Also, I will like to recommend Krystal from F(x) (Korea). These two ladies are really gorgeous and pretty! ^.^v

  20. Excuse me, i would like to recommend 35 women from Malaysia…

    1) Rozita Che Wan

    2) Siti Saleha

    3) Juliana Evans

    4) Siti Nurhaliza

    5) Shila Amzah

    6) Lisa Surihani

    7) Adira Suhaimi

    8) Hannah Tan

    9) Nur Fazura

    10) Deborah Priya Henry

    11) Noor Neelofa

    12) Tasha Shilla

    13) Carmen Soo

    14) Diana Danielle

    15) Maya Karin

    16) Nora Danish

    17) Emma Maembong

    18) Nelydia Senrose

    19) Izara Aishah

    20) Scha Al-Yahya

    21) Nur Fathia

    22) Tiz Zaqyah

    23) Ainan Tasneem

    24) Erra Fazira

    25) Nasha Aziz

    26) Soo Wincci

    27) Heliza Helmi

    28) Marsha Milan Londoh

    29) Fouziah Gous

    30) Kimberley Leggett

    31) Elfira Loy

    32) Wawa Zainal

    33) Yana Samsudin

    34) Nad Zainal

    35) Yunalis Zarai

    I hope you’ll agree with this recommend for 2013…

  21. I vote for Sandara Park. She’s really pretty.
    Natural Beauty … ^^v

  22. Please include ms. Camilla arfwedson and hoping for ms. weisz is still in your list. Thanks

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  24. i suggest the following:

    south korea:




  25. Im yoona is the best because she is pretty and seohyun is ugly pls!!! vote im yoona

  26. hi TC!!!
    I recommend Kwon Yuri of SNSD…because she has a GORGEUS BODY…

  27. hi TC!!!
    I recommend Kwon Yuri of SNSD…

  28. I suggest seohyun of snsd because she is pretty she’s the snsd maknae pls….seohyun of snsd will be on the list thank you tc candler……<3

    check it out! image of seohyun without and with make up….you will see her true and natural beauty……………please tc candler check it out

  29. please seohyun of snsd will be on the list she’s pretty why tc don’t like seohyun I repeat she won in korea most natural beauty with or without make up snsd yuri why she maybe on 2013 she not won in korea most natural beauty !!!!sorry tc candler

  30. I wish that KWON YU-RI of SNSD will be on the list..

  31. I wish that KWON YU-RI will be on the list… <3

  32. I suggest SEOHYUN from SNSD..

  33. Im YOONA of SNSD should be NO.1….YOONA fighting!!!



  36. Yoona is beautiful but IU is not lesser beautiful than her. I find IU more attractive bcoz she has unique charma which is rare to find in any k pop idol. She is beauty with talent

  37. Why don’t you add 2013 Miss World. she ia malaysian and she is so beautiful.

  38. I have a mistake, sorry. I meant Seohyun, not Seoyun.

  39. In my opinion, Jessica Jung is the best. But I also recommend Seoyun from Girls’Genration. She is naturally beautiful.

  40. tiffany hwang SNSD and suzy Miss A from korea

  41. honestly i think yoona didnt include on the because she not popular as a beautiful person unlike the other they popular like nam gyu ri,kim tae hee,IU etc those of them really famous maybe in asia not much but in other continent yes. nam gyu ri was known in europe,america and east asia and please read the description ‘most gorgeus person and famous celeb

  42. Hi TCCandler!
    why don’t you include Gemma Artherthon? I think she deserves to be on the list..

  43. Congratulations to Yoona, Taeyeon and Jessica. I hope they are going to be ranked higher this year.

    Sorry if this is late but I’d like to suggest more women:
    -Sandara Park (Korea)
    -Kwon Yuri (Korea)
    -Bae Suzy (Korea)

    Hope you take these in consideration for 2013.

  44. for 2013, i would like to suggest Nur Fazura (actress) , Nasha Aziz (actress/model) , Anzalna Nasir (actress/model) , Lisa Surihani (actress) , Neelofa (Actress/model) , Nora Danish (actress) , Scha Alyahya (actress/host/model) , Hanis Zalikha (model/host/actress) , Erra Fazira (actress), Adira (singer). All of them are from Malaysia. i hope you will look for it :)

  45. Chloe Moretz is the most beautiful

  46. Violet Stevenson

    My list of recommendations:
    Tiffany Hwang Mi-Young (Girls’ Generation, Korea)
    Kim Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation, Korea)
    Emma Watson
    Anne Hathaway
    Catherine Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)

    Tiffany has been representing not only the music scene in the K-POP phenomenon, but she is also a notable icon in worldwide philanthropy, high-edge fashion and endorsements. She is known for her vocals, distinguished sense of fashion and versatality in displaying different images and vibes.

    Kim Taeyeon, best-known as the leader of the leading K-POP sensation Girls’ Generation, is famous for her portray of freshness, exotic aura and ear-blowing singing skills.

    • I’m Tiffany’s fan, too. She is quite beautiful, but it is not her natural beauty. She had an operation in the past. You shouldn’t have recommended her for this. I wanna recommend her too as I love her but I think I shouldn’t do that so I didn’t.

  47. Here’s no make up Kwon Yuri- Korea ♥♥♥!!!

  48. I recommend Kwon Yuri of snsd!!! she has a true beauty, has gorgeous body, and a nice girl.. she is also consider as one of the most beautiful korean female actors..

  49. i think YOONA SHOULD TO BE #1 on the list 2013. Because YoonA is the most beautiful. She is so beautiful with or without makeup.

  50. I would like to see:

    Nora Tschirner
    Talulah Riley
    Gabrielle Aplin
    Phoebe-Lettice Thompson
    Ashley Benson
    Kiernan Shipka
    Chloe Bennet
    Valentina Lodovini
    Ksenia Solo
    Xenia Tchoumitcheva
    Jamie Chung
    Rooney Mara
    Rachel Brosnahan


  51. Can I recommend someone for 2013? Shes a Chinese model and really stunning (:

  52. Can I reccomend Zhang Xin Yuan? She is an absolutely stunning natural beauty!

  53. jessica has to stay in first place2013

  54. 1- Natalie Portman
    2- Scarlett Johansson
    3- Emma Stone
    4- Alexandra Daddario
    5- Chloe Mortez
    6- Kim Tae yeon – Korea
    7- Kwon Yuri – Korea
    7- Seo Joo-hyun (seohyun)- Korea
    8- Jennifer Lawrence
    9- Jennifer Connelly

    • 9)2NE1 Dara

      10)SNSD’s Yuri

      Personally I think SNSD’s Jessica rank should be higher in 2013,many people compliment her that she look alike like doll and princess and She is also look very grace and elegance.Hope that you will all consider on giving her a higher rank.

    • i think YOONA SHOULD TO BE #1 on the list 2013. Because YoonA is the most beautiful, she has natural beauty!..she is so beautiful with or without makeup.

      • She’s definitely a natural beauty,I do think that’s she is very pretty but I find Jessica more charming and attractive after few glance.They both give a different aura,Yoona give of a lovely and sweet aura while Jessica give of a cold and angelic aura which will make people spazz at her.I do think that Yoona is the prettiest girl in Korea but I think that Jessica is a bit more in towards western beauty.So I prefer Jessica beauty than Yoona beauty,but I still love both of them.Many K-pop girls look alike so its hard to chose who prettiest so I will choose them based on their aura and of course their beauty too.I respect your opinion too.

  55. I would like to recommend

    Im Yoona – Korea
    Kim Taeyeon – Korea
    Hwang Stephanie – Korea
    Choi Sooyoung – Korea
    Kwon Yuri – Korea
    Jung Jessica – Korea
    Seohyun – Korea
    Lee Son Kyu – Korea
    Kim Hyoyeon – Korea
    Choi Sulli – Korea
    Ji Hyo (running man) – Korea

  56. I suggest to the highest rank to the next probably is

    Kim Chiu
    Song Hye Kyo
    Janie Thienphosuvan
    Zhang Yu Qi
    Im Yoona
    Liu Yi Fei
    Go Ara
    Moon Chae Won
    Joey Wong
    Jeon Ji Hyun
    Park Eun Hye
    Zhang Zi Yi
    Tang Wei
    Inoue Mao
    Gong Li
    Han Ga In
    Han Hyo Joo
    Ida Ayu Kadek Devie
    Alexis Bledel
    Pramaisshela Arinda Daryono Putri
    Namtarn Pichukkana
    Woranuch Wongsawan
    Aom Sucharat
    Ellen Page
    Leighton Meester
    Kate Middleton
    Lenny Marlina
    Ida Iasha
    Blake Lively
    Preity Zinta
    Marian Rivera
    Barbie Hsu
    Ady Ann
    Twinkle Khanna
    Ploy Chermarn
    Sandra Dewi
    Ishihara Satomi
    Cecilia Cheung
    Kob Suvanant
    Mew Nittha
    Taew Natapohn
    Min Pechaya
    Aom phiyada
    Olivia Hussey

  57. why you didn’t put agnes monica there? I love im yoona, i’m also proud that he was there, such a gorgeous girl. But don’t miss agnes monica, everyone knows her

  58. i think Yoona and Amanda should are higher places.

    + Im Yoona (YoonA) = Korea.
    + Amanda Seyfried = Pennsylvania.

    I want leaving my suggestions for this 2013 (now):

    + Kristin Kreuk = Canada.
    + Scarlett Johansson = Estados Unidos.
    + Laura Vandervoort = Canada.
    + Roxane Mesquida = France.
    + Rachel Mcadams = Canada.
    + Priyanka Chopra = India.
    + Erica Durance = Canada.

    • + nozomi sasaki = japan.
      + Keira Knightley = Inglaterra.
      + Stephanie Cayo = Peru.
      + Paola Oliveira = Brasil.

    • good list! I likeeee kristin k., Amanda Seyfried, Im YoonA and Keira Knightley too…
      ………OF COURSEEE!!! . i think that IM YOONA deserves #1 on the list, YOONA is the Most Beautiful Actress, Idol and model Korean, Yoona always looks so beautiful with or without makeup, sincerelly Yoona has a perfect beauty.

  59. Jessica Amornkuldilok : Thai model
    Ariana Grande : American singer
    Atiqah Hasiholan : Indonesian Actress
    Ascia AKF : Kuwaiti/American Blogger
    Gal Gadot : Israeli Actress
    Marissa Mayer : American CEO Yahoo
    Emilia Clarke : British Actress
    Amanda Ware : Australian Model
    Lana Del Rey : American Singer
    Lauren Cimorelli : American Singer
    Athina Pikraki : Greek Model

  60. IU is cute pretty beautiful and talented!!!
    She didnt do plastic surgery!!!

  61. YOONA should be #1…

    • i love YOONA, she is a beauty natural, smart and talented!. very good Artist.

      • Totally, I agree con this. Im YoonA should be #1….her beauty is perfect with or without makeup…always always looks so beautiful.

  62. hey ! Jessica is most beautiful girl in the most famoust band in Korea. She is very very popular now. Just listen their music once and you’ll know why she is 5th

    • jessica?..jessica is pretty and nice girl, but Yoona is the mots beautiful girl in the most famous band in korea!.

      Yoona is the visual!.

    • okye, Jessica is very pretty and sexy girl,

      but, the reality is:

      who are the most beautiful in the most famous band in korea??? obviously, firts YOONA and then TAEYEON

      Yoona and Taeyeon are the most beautiful girl in the most famous band girl….Yoona and taeyeon should be in higher ranking.

      congratulation to jessica.

      • I love Jessica, Yoona, Taeyeon are perfect.

        Girls Generation is the best girl group in the world.

        I love kpop!

      • good view!, of course! Im Yoona should be #1 on list , then Kim Taeyeon. They are the most beautiful of the most famous band-girl.

        Definitely, first place—> IM YOONA!.

      • Although Yoona and Taeyeon may be the most beautiful girls in Korea but they don’t really have those western look which people think than the western is like the most prettiest in the world.Jessica have some western look which most people think that she is pretty.While on the other hand Taeyeon and Yoona beauty is more into asian while Jessica beauty is more toward to the western.
        Jessica is also rank one of the prettiest girl in Korea too,not only Yoona and Taeyeon.

      • You shouldn’t say reality in this situation as you say like that, it means they are all wrong when making this list. It’s just your opinion. Is that right?

      • Yeah, I agree with you. But Jessica’s beauty is more western, and western people think that she is more beautiful. Taeyeon and Yoona are beautiful, but their beauty is asian beauty.

    • We know that Yoona is the Most Beautiful K-celebrity female in snsd and then Taeyeon.
      jessica is pretty, too. but Yoona and Taeyeon are prettier.

      • Although Yoona and Taeyeon may be the most beautiful girls in Korea but they don’t really have those western look which people think than the western is like the most prettiest in the world.Jessica have some western look which most people think that she is pretty.While on the other hand Taeyeon and Yoona beauty is more into asian while Jessica beauty is more toward to the western.
        Jessica is also rank one of the prettiest girl in Korea too,not only Yoona and Taeyeon.

      • Don’t say we know. It’s just your opinion, not everyone’s opinion.

  63. I recommend sooyoung from snsd(korea) and liuyifei from china. :) Also taeyeon and yoona should be higher in the ranking :) Thanks for placing jessica 5th on the list :D

  64. Jessica Jung is perfect! She deserves #5 on the list.
    How come there is just few of Asians on the list
    Many Asians are beautiful!!
    I really want to see more Asians will be on the list next year!!

  65. Im YoonA should be #1…

  66. Such a variety of faces this year. I hope for 2013, some faces would still be here. Lots of korean stars too. I find Im Yoona the prettiest though among the other koreans. But kudos for her, number 50? Not that high but still good. Some people don’t find her attractive at all. Glad you did.

  67. song qian

  68. I still think the cast of FireFly contained the most beautiful women of any show ever and since. Although the series is gone, all have moved on to new shows because they are not only beautiful but so talented as well!

    For 2013 consideration!
    Summer Glau
    Morena Baccarin
    Jewel Staite
    Gina Torre

  69. song qian from china you can see her in the realty show we got married she is very beautiful

  70. i recommended victoria song she’s the one of the most beautiful women in the world her really nam song qian

  71. Kim Tae Hee and Lee Min Jung should also be there,they’re so beautiful…

  72. The next girl that I am going to recommend possesses natural beauty, proper personality, and great intellect. Her beauty is often labeled as elegant and pure by her mother land and grades her over-all physique as A+ (based on the Korean Standards of Beauty). Her personality is not different with her beauty since she is known as a role model to her country. This was proven as she appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the UN Pavilion Expo 2012 Yeosu, appointed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (her role-model). She has also worked with UNICEF for the “Help Children in Africa” project. When she encounter arguments or questions, she answers with reasons that are legitimate and constructive. She is none other than Seo Joo-Hyun aka SeoHyun of Girls’ Generation…



    Album Image:

    Backstage Photo:

  73. The Goddess Meisa Kuroki is in the list.

    I don’t need to write more things, but…

    The only thing that I disagree is her position. Meisa has a perfect beauty and 54 isn’t a good position.

    In my opinion, Meisa would be in 1 to 10 position.

  74. Was Park Min Young added before? I don’t know how you critic though.

  75. Jessica Jung is number #5! :D You’re just awesome! :D

  76. Good faces. Don’t forget to update Year 2013 together.

  77. You guys praise Im Yoona so highly, but just now I checked who she is, and found that she has a narrow and long face. She can be described as pretty but I don’t think she deserves such high praises.

    • lol she is the defination of perfection almost too perfect to catch peoples eye

      • I like IU she is so pretty than Yoona :”> Buut I dont hate yoona! im just telling the truth! IU is better than Yoona :”””>

        • SORRY! i don’t hate IU, but, i’m honest say: YOONA is PRETTIER than iu.
          iu is a nice girl.


    • Yoona is so beautiful, charming, flawless, stunning..She is perfect!.
      I much prefer her because she does not pretend to be beautiful, she destroys her beautiful face with funny gestures. but Honestly, YOONA IS SO BEAUTIFUL FOR INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. …even SHE HAS A GREAT AND BRIGTHER PERSONALITY!

      Yoona also is the smartest K-idol.

      Yoona = she is one of the Most Beautiful Actress/ Model / Idol + her Great personality + is the Smartest + also is Multi.talented.

      Y.O.O.N.A. IS P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

    • I don’t think so she’s really beautiful even without make up and she has this natural beauty that makes you unable to stop watching her… well at least for me

  78. Taylor Marie Hill beautiful!!!

  79. why most of the face is eourpe?where is Asian?

  80. I find Im Yoona just damn effin gorgeous. I mean seriously. I’ve watched a few of her dramas. I didn’t know she was a singer actually. Anyway, that girl is beautiful! So natural and flawless. I think its time for a change in the definition of beauty. Right now its more western, busty and blue eyed blonde. Yoona could definitely change that definition to thin, awkward, friendly and natural. I don’t know. Its just that i think she’d be a nice role model to look up to considering she’s not your typical bombshell. She’s just beautiful. Nuff said. :)

  81. Jessica Jung deserve her place!!! Taeyeon a little higher!! :D
    I wish Tiffany and Yuri of SNSD (from South Korea)are also there.

  82. i’ll go only for im yoona..i think she deserve the list..

  83. i hope more girls’ generation members can make in the list,of course after you comparing them to the others..let’s go soshi let’s go.. (^^)v

  84. why Taylor swift couldn’t be chosen???

  85. Why Jesica Jung is fifth ? She is popular?

  86. Hmmm, I m kinda skeptical about the list. Let put some more Asian beauty in here especially Filipina beauty. Check Angel Locsin, Christina Reyes… there both top notch beautiful celebrities here in Philippines.

  87. I think Moon Geun Young should be included in this list. She not only beautiful, but also one of the korean actresses that haven’t made any adjustment to her facial features and her charity works are really impressive.

  88. honestly more than half of the celebrities including past and present have poured great effort in their body…as they say “appearance is everything” whether its diet, exercise or surgery..most celebrities have tried it all…even an average person would look good too if they were to put in so much effort..their body is like an advertisement to be endorsed so they have to take care of it no matter what they do..most people envy them but those that do don’t know how much effort it takes just to be them..why do you think they are slammed in the tabloids when they decide to be average joe/jane for a wearing no make up and regular clothes

  89. kim taeyon and yoona should be put in higher ranks than the other members of SNSD..

  90. So many korean women are placing! :D

  91. Oh and,
    Tiffany and Yuri from SNSD (Korea)

    Yay for Jessica, Yoona, and Taeyeon! Definitely agree on those :)

  92. I suggest Kiko Mizuhara (Japan)
    and Sandara Park (korea)


  93. I would like to suggest this celebrity first since I have confidence that she will be included in this list. She is the celebrity who has highly portrayed the Korean Standards of Beauty (where simplicity is beauty) . Though known for her innocent image, she has proven to be versatile in other concepts as well.
    She is the center/visual of the Girl Group “Girls’ Generation” and She is none other than Im Yoon-Ah.

    Images/photos that I included:

    -1 image in a certain Music Video:

    -3 (but 2 of them are similar) images from different photoshoots:

    -and 2 pictures taken by fans×800%20wallpaper_www.wall321.com_9.jpg

    • I strongly agree..her beauty is simple but perfect..i think she’ll look pretty even without make-up..

  94. nice choices..nam gyu ri and im yoona thnk you for putting them on the list..

  95. congratulations…

  96. I have a suggestion 2 indian models Most beautiful Indian model Ashleysha Yesugade and top Indian model jyothsna chakravarthy

  97. For 2013, I would like to suggest:
    - Nina Dobrev
    - Candice Accola
    - Antonia
    - Kat Graham
    - Karen Gillan
    - Elizabeth Gutiérrez
    - Claire Holt
    - Phoebe Tonkin

  98. For 2013, I would like to suggest Nina Dobrev , Candice Accola , Antonia , kat Graham , Karen Gillan , Elizabeth Gutiérrez , Claire Holt , Phoebe Tonkin

  99. i would like to suggest ANNE CURTIS, MARIAN RIVERA, ERICH GONZALES, GORGINA WILLSON, ANGEL LOCSIN, CRISTINE REYES. All of them are from philippines.

  100. I wouldn’t put Korean celebrities much. 99% of them had lots of surgery just to look how they are today, and probably 100 layers of make up. So no, I wouldn’t call that beautiful.

    • Hey, not all Korean celebrities had lots of surgery
      Just because many Koreans do surgery, that doesn’t say that all Korean women do surgeries.

      By the way, every top 100 had 100 layers of make up too. So if you never saw their actual face, just don’t talk about it.

    • Hey, not all celebrities do surgery
      Just because most of the Korean women do surgery, I think it is not appropriate to say that all the Korean celebrities had surgery.

      Moreover I am also “99%” sure that all the 100 candidates put 100 layers of make up anyway

      So I hope you don’t use your time putting comments on the Korean women and use the time wisely next time

    • yeah and so do American celebrities…really you just do like Koreans and use that as an should be more honest…I’ve seen plenty of celebrities of different ethnicity have surgery or heavy make up..its just what is expected and believed to be needed in order to stay popular and or relevant..its just that type of industry…my point is why point out the Koreans as the only ones that do it unless you really don’t like them..

    • IU have not lot of surgery…similar as before-

    • Shutup you A*s you know anything about korean people.they are the top contender of this list.

  101. How about Kuroki Meisa-san?

  102. I suggest Li Xiao Lu :)

  103. I love korean and thai actresses (too singers)

    1.- Sulli from f(x)
    2.- Lee Yeon Hee
    3.- Ham Eun Jung from T-ara
    4.-Krystal Jung from f(x)
    5.- Go Ah Ra
    6.-Im Soo Hyang
    7.-Yoona from SNSD
    8.- Son Na Eun from A Pink
    9.- Moon Chae Won
    10.- Wannarot Sontichai
    11.- Chalida Wijitwongtong
    12.- Kimberly Voltemas
    13.- Marie Broenner

  104. <3 Alexandra Daddario

  105. I hope to see Barbie Hsu again in your next year list. Endow with natural beauty, she has the face the truly refreshes.

  106. I definitely feel that Kim Taeyeon should be ranked a lot higher….

  107. Chloe Moretz? Really???

  108. Yes. I remember that Emily Didonato was young and beautiful last year. I guess today she is still good-looking.

  109. Maria Sharapova not even in the list?

  110. What happened to the older comments and lists?

  111. Adolfo Castelo

    Milla Jovovich OMG she’s not here since 08
    Amy Winehouse :)
    Lady GaGa
    Belinda (Singer From Mexico)

    I LOVE Lena Katina, Julia Volkova, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan

    i think we need a list of the most handsome men ;)

    • 1. Milla has been on the list SIX times, from 1998 to 2003.
      2. Amy Winehouse??? You have got to be kidding. First of all, she was a hideous beast with one of the ugliest celebrity faces of all time. Oh, and she is also dead.
      3. Belinda is not going to be making the list.
      4. Madonna is a weather beaten old hag. The last time she looked great was in 1987.


  112. My God, why do you guys pick DaDa Chan? There are thousands of Chinese girls prettier than she is.

    And it’s a pity that you don’t put Eva Green, Jessica Alba, or Kristen Stewart on the list. I think they are prettier than many girls there.

  113. Yey!! SNSD’s jessica, Taeyeon and Yoona is on the list!!
    I hope they can survive for 10 years or more
    especially Jessica who receives many bad comments and haters

    My suggestion for next year is (for korean actress only):
    - SNSD : All members (Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Sunny, Yuri)
    - Suzy Miss A
    - Park Jiyeon T-ara
    - Nana After School
    - Bora SISTAR
    - lee Yeonhee
    - Shin Sekyung
    - Lee Minjung
    - Krystal jung f(x) –> She’s Jessica jung’s sister
    - Goo Hara KARA
    - Hyuna 4 minute

    and as I am from Indonesia, I suggest some beautiful women from Indonesia :
    - Agnes Monica
    - Sherina
    - Titi sjuman
    - Sandra dewi
    - Dian Sastrowardoyo
    - Marissa Nasution

    Here are some suggestions, I hope you can select some of my suggestions and put them on the 2013 list.. Thanks :)

  114. Victoria Justice is burning up the web right now her not being on the list is a mistake.

  115. Next year do eiza Gonzalez she is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen especially in amores verdaderos!!!

  116. Hope Girls Generation Jessica become no.1 this year 2013..!!

  117. Excellent work with including Taeyeon, Jessica, and Yoona ¦3

  118. I suggest the members of korean group ‘KARA’
    gyu lee park, seong yeon han, hara goo, nicole jung, and jiyoung kang.

  119. suggest you f(x)’s korean girlgroup leader, Victoria Song. natural beauty from Chinese.

  120. tnx 4 putting korean dolls in the list!

  121. I was waiting for a long time for 2012 list , Thanks
    And a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery special thanks for choosing marion as second most beautiful woman :) , but why not first ? :(
    And where is emmy rossum and also anne hathaway ?
    Be more logical , pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  122. Miranda Kerr (Australia), Nina Dobrev (Bulgarian and American) and Barbara Palvin (Hungarian) should be on the list!

  123. What about Anna Christine Speckhart?, you should include her on the list.

  124. no son muy buenos como para escoger alas mujeres mas bellas del mundo ,escogan alas que son bellas por nacimiento y no el bisturi

  125. I hope that your list is a woman who has a natural beauty, not the beauty of plastic surgery results

    • bien dicho lyra el 2do lugar jajajaja por favor Marion Cotillard esta bien fea , bellezas naturales como Maite Perroni ninguna

  126. I don’t agree that No.58 Nam Gyu-ri ranked here.
    She has changed her face over years.

  127. You should include Tiffany Alvord, Nina Dobrev and Lucy Hale

  128. I would like to see Parineeti Chopra make next year’s list please.

    • Thank you very much for that suggestion… Im Jin Ah (Nana) is a stunning choice. I am sure she will make the 2013 list!!!

      • Nana from After School is lovely, but in my opinion the leader of the group, Park Kahi, is a greater and more natural beauty


  130. Suggestions from Chile:
    Leonor Varela
    Monica Godoy
    Javiera Diaz de Valdes
    Daniela Ramirez
    Maria Gracia Omegna
    Tonka Tomicic
    Josefina Montane
    Celine Raymond
    Juanita Ringeling
    Luciana Echeverria
    Daniela Benavente

    Al least, but not last:
    where’s Anne Hathaway?!!!!!

    • Thank you very much for those names — especially Juanita Ringeling and Josefina Montane!!! As for Anne Hathaway — she had been on our list for the previous nine years in a row, some of which were in the Top 10. However, she just missed for the first time in 2012.

  131. jaja no inventes esta selena gomez, ema roberts, camille bell, mila kunis…. si son lindas pero que paso con:

    -vanessa hudgens
    -ranchel mc adams
    -megan fox
    -britanny snow
    -angelina jolie
    -zoey deschanel

    estas mujeres osn mas lindas que otras que pusieron aqui

    • Rachel McAdams, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox have all been on the list before. Brittany Snow has been close too.

  132. Sandra Robinsson

    Mélanie Laurent! <3

    I would like to see the next year to Simone Simons from Netherlands, she has one of the most beautiful faces in the world!

  133. Where is NADIA BJORLIN??!

  134. I am a 50 yr. old woman. Some of these young women are indeed beautiful, but how many are NATURALLY beautiful? Why are the majority from England and the United States?

    • Probably because the majority of celebrities and “fame” opportunities are in those countries. However, our list has traditionally been on of the most internationally diverse lists that can be found on the net. We are very proud of our inclusiveness.

  135. I suggest Nadya Hutagalung, Dian Sastro, and Tiffany Hwang.

  136. Also some more suggestions from Argentina
    Eugenia Suarez (actress, model, singer)

    Mariana Esposito (the same with Euge) lovely but some people call her short

    Brenda Asnicar (the same as Mar)

    Natalia Oreiro (all the above +fashion designer)

    Luisana Lopilato (all the above and her modeling career is going internationally recognisable)

  137. You should take look to the following Greek super beauties:
    Zeta Makrypoulia (actress, model, TV presenter) and
    Doukissa Nomikou (model and TV presenter)
    more beautiful than many.

  138. Maite Perroni is the best

  139. I like the fact that it’s not a popularity list. Those lists are made to draw media exposure and website visits in order to make more money.

    TC did his homework and put many gals from different cultures on this list.

    Most lists nowadays are just one dimensional – made up with only gals from the local mainstream media. That’s why they don’t have much credibility anymore cuz they are being territorial and limiting their own candidates which leads to lists full of average gals.

    And I could understand how hard it is to pick out gals from different countries. After all, TC might be more familiar with UK & US which are also two huge media magnets. I don’t know if I could find a fine gal from Indonesia or Kuwait. And when you’re talking about “beauty” globally, the definition of this word might vary significantly in different cultures. Most of the Indians I know don’t think Freida Pinto’s one of the most beautiful but she might be considered the hottest Indian in US. Remember Eva Green used to be on almost every beauty list after Casino Royale came out? But French don’t feel that strong about her either.

    So good job again TC. BTW, I have to say British chicks rock. I’ve watched the video without looking at their nationalities first. And those who made me pause and check the right top info are almost all British, at least 80%.

  140. 롤서성하홍셔아앟
    유 재석

  141. Kim Taeyeon should be #1…

  142. for 2013, i would like to suggest Nur Fazura (actress) , Nasha Aziz (actress) , Anzalna Nasir (actress) , Lisa Surihani (actress) , Neelofa (Actress) , Nora Danish (actress) , Scha Alyahya (actress) , Hanis Zalikha (model) , Erra Fazira (actress). All of them are from Malaysia.i hope you will look for it. thank you

  143. Girls Generation’s Yoona and Kid Leader Taeyeon made the list. was shocked to see them on this!

  144. Nina Dobrev!!!

  145. i suggest that kim taeyeon

  146. I don’t like to question the list. I prefer (like every year) leaving my suggestions for the next list. I keep in mind that you look for fresh and new faces, that’s why I’ll avoid to include some of my favourite beauties like Aishwarya Rai or Giovanna Mezzogiorno, for instance.

    -Elisa Sednaoui: Italian model and actress. She has an interesting background which includes Italian, French and Egyptian heritage. And last but not least, she took part in the Pirelli Calender in 2011 and 2013.

    -Eva Riccobono: Italian model and actress (with German heritage).

    -Antonia Iacobescu: Roumanian singer.

    -Ana Paula Arosio: Brazilian actress and former model. She’s in her late 30′s now but she never was in the list and she’s not well known outside Brazil. Her face is stunning.

    -Sara Carbonero: Spanish journalist and the owner of terrific green eyes.

    -Vittoria Puccini: Italian actress.

    -Bianca Balti: Italian model.

    The best inclusions of this year: Elsa Pataky, Lily Collins and Imogen Poots.

  147. I would like to see Yui in the list next year

  148. I would like to see the Beautiful Faces of 2012.

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